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Use our measurement charts to determine your shoe size, note all sizes are listed as EU sizes:



1. Download our foot measurement document.


2. Print a copy using a A4 paper and make sure the "adjust to page" option is not selected.

3. Measure the reference to confirm the scale is 100mm long.

4. Cut or fold the dotted line at the bottom.

5. To measure reference A (see image), place the foot measurement copy in a flat surface and your foot towards a firm wall.

6. Place your bare foot on the foot measurement copy. Make sure your heel is right above the dotted line.

7. Place both feet together to balance your body weight. The line closer to your toe determines your size.

8. To measure reference B and C (see image), keep your feet together in a flat surface and use a centimeter.


9. Measure from the inner edge to the external one in circular shape. Repeat these steps for both feet and choose the largest measure as your reference.

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