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INES OTT is an independent shoes, apparel and small leather goods brand that specializes in handcrafted products made 100% by Uruguayan artisans. Our collection is inspired by independent, artsy, enthusiastic and driven women who cherish their style and individuality.

As a designer I aspire to promote slow, responsible fashion that prioritizes local handmade production, seeking quality and refinement. I do not concibe an industry that only promotes seasonality and trends. I intent to continuously fascinate and captivate every time you feel the leather touch.


Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1984, Inés is fascinated by fashion design from young age. Later in 2003 her formal studies in design commence, initially learning craftsmanship techniques for three years until enrolling for her university studies.


During her studies she becomes fascinated by leather and gets her Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design with a thesis about leather finishes and women footwear.


In 2014 she embarks on the most important project of her life by becoming a mom of her first child, Guillermo. On that same year this brand starts to get shaped. April 20, 2015 is the date INES OTT starts, which coincidentally also celebrates the birth of his second son, Alfonso, four years later.

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